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well...arguing with my mom was NOT a good plan. I thought maybe she would change her mind (hah, shows ya how stupid I am). I gave up after about 30 minutes actually, and just tried to forget about it. Well, for some reason my bro got involved and started defending me. He said some, um, not so good things? Yeah,I know he was trying to help me, but he unfortunately caused a whole bunch of other problems. So, we had a nice little conversation in the car... My brother had to go, so I sat in the car and listened to my mom yell and rant...and then she called my dad, and she was VERY upset. And it's no wonder really, there were really some unnecessary things that were said, and although I didn't say them, I did not come to her defense like I should have =/. So she starts telling my dad that she basically can't stand how we treat her anymore, and I felt horrible about it...It's really true what she says. I'm a selfish, inconsiderate child who makes bad judgements.
I mean, she does *everything* for me, and what do I do?

ok, I think that's enough brooding for now. I had a long convo with her on the way to my clarinet lesson, and I learned many things about her that I had never known. It's really fascinating, the things she's done in life that I didn't even know about. And now, she's pretty much forgiven me (amazingly enough). So this summer, there are several things that I would like to change about myself. ^_^ I'll have time to work on it.

and to Richard, Courtney, etc. I'm so sorry about this, I really am. I had no idea my plans would have to change so drastically and with such short notice. Hope you have fun at the con! (I know you will) =)

I need to stop losing sight of the most important things in life.

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