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It's So Amazing Here

Cause there's beauty in the breakdown.

3 December
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So you want to know a little bit about me?

there's not much to say, but here goes:
I'm a 16 year old who lives in a small city, known to some as "Toxic town". It's really not such a bad place. It's beautiful here: I'm very fortunate to live in a wonderful neighborhood that is located on a mountain. I can step outside my door and have a panoramic view of the entire city and the hazy mountains off in the distance. I enjoy watching the brilliant lightning strikes of approaching storms, and seeing the lights of the city twinkle late at night.
I have a wonderful, hardworking family that is always there to support me in whatever I do. We have always been very close, and work together to support the family restaurant.
I go to a very small school, where I have met many wonderful people.
Right now, I am most interested in medical sciences and foreign languages.
I hope to learn french, greek, japanese, arabic, spanish, russian, german, italian, and latvian...but I'll prolly only be able to learn french, greek, and latvian (because it is what I'm exposed to the most from relatives and my language class)
I enjoy many different anime series/mangas, video games (such as the final fantasy series and DDR), tv shows (such as the simpsons, futurama, and family guy), and any books that I have the time to read.

Lastly, but certainly not least, *music* is the love of my life. I have many favorite bands and I enjoy nothing more than playing clarinet, piano, and guitar.