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well, I got through school today without passing out or having a mental breakdown, so I'm proud!!! ^_^

hehe this morning did not start off so wonderfully...with all of my *ahem* technology problems. It is now official that every computer in the school HATES me. but somehow, I finally got my english paper and resume printed out, with a few minor errors, but at least I had them. During French, I learned that AP french IV is just about impossible...but I still think I want to take it, even if I screw up and fail the exam, I atleast want to try. heh, It seems like everyone is trying to talk me out of it though.

so today during enrichment we had the music recital. I was so happy that my teacher and his wife were able to be there! I hope they know how much it means to me...The are such wonderful people, and my teacher (as I know I've said many times before) never ceases to amaze me. I was having slight reed problems today, but I still made it through my concertino (god, I love that song so much...it's beautiful), but I was afraid that I was boring everyone to death. it's a rather long song. hehe
Then Jordan and I played our duet ^_^ it seemed a wee bit rushed, but it went well! neither of us passed out, so that's a plus. We also listened to the choir ensemble (I LOVE that song, and their hats! hehe they sounded so good!) and then mr. harris tried to force some pianist to play something XD Somehow, I ended up playing my Chopin waltz at the end. *happysigh* I'm truly in love with that song...I hope I never forget how to play it. There's just something about it,...I feel so relaxed when I play it and I can just let it flow without worrying about the notes.
hmm I must steal Tristan's version (the real version) because it is oh so beautiful. <3

*anyway* To sum it up, everyone sounded wonderfully at the recital and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.

and of course, I really appreciated all of the nice comments I received...It makes all the difference in the world to hear such kind words. thank you so much. <3

hmm I'm rather tired and hungry at the moment (seeing as how I got 3 hours of sleep and didn't get to eat lunch today), so I think I'm going to go eat a sandwhich and take a nap.

yes...that sounds good.

ciao for now, mes amis!
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