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Call Now for a Lifetime of Temporary Relief!

So, Friday was my last day of real school. It was awfully depressing, and yet I felt so relieved that this horribly stressful year is finally over.

Government class...we watched the end of Remember the Titans. So sad T_T and after it was over, Mr. T brought us together and talked to us. He told us how much he cares about us and how hard it is for him to retire. He started crying...It was almost too much to take. I can't believe he really won't be here next year. He won't make the speech at graduation for us...tell us everything he remembers about our time at Donoho. It was impossible to keep from crying while he spoke. He's such an amazing person...and I know I will still see him...but...It's just, hard to realize, that after more than 30 years, he is leaving. I walked by him in the hallway as he was taking down his posters...the walls looked so bare. I hugged him, and tried to walk away before I started crying again.

I've been practicing the song "I Will Remember You" with the seniors. It's so hard to believe that they won't be here next year.
It's going to be hard to play that song during graduation...


I was so happy that this year was finally coming to a close, because it was so stressful...but as I start thinking about it more and more, I really wish it wasn't ending.
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