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pepporocini pepper and feta cheeze pizza is the best ^_^


So last night was graduation. I was so glad that Mr. T was able to read the comments, instead of Mrs. Hurd. It's too bad he won't be able to for our class (and all classes after us). I was able to keep from crying during the ceremony, atleast...and I think the National Anthem and the Senior Song went very well. ^^

During the reception, I talked to many many people (and I met Caitlin's cute little cousin! <3)....and I completely forgot I was supposed to help with refreshments. *guilt*...So by the time I pushed through the crowd to help, the worst part was basically over. All I did was fill some punch glasses, set out cups, and clean up a little.

My mom brought spanakopite to the reception, and I was afraid that people would confuse it for baklava (because that's what it looks like at first glance, with the filo dough on top). People might have gotten a little surprise when they took a bite and realized it was spinach ^^;

I talked to Mr. T for a good while during the reception. And three hugs later, I couldn't help but cry. He is such an amazing person, and I'll really miss seeing him everyday in school. I'm still not sure if the given reason for him leaving his true, but in any case, I hope he is able to thoroughly enjoy his retirement with his bride. =)

hm, we're losing five teachers this year: Mr. T, Mr. Arrington, Mrs. Norton, Mr. Dunaway, and Mrs. Carr. I wonder how they can possibly be replaced? They really can't be.

Congratulations to all of the seniors! You all are amazingly talented and wonderful people. You'll be missed so much next year. All the best of luck to you ^^
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