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But I miss you most of all, my darling...

Well, the ACT seemed to go better than it did last time for me. Hopefully I improved a couple of points. I actually *got* to all of the questions in the science section so that made me rather happy. Now, whether or not I got those questions right? well that's a whole different matter.

hmm Madagascar is a very cute movie =)
I quite enjoyed seeing it with you, Anna...and then of course, 'twas great wandering around the mall afterwards. Thank you for waiting with me, I hope I didn't make you late!
Maybe this weekend we can see another movie.

hmm I suppose there is not much to say. I had senior portraits yesterday. My family has known the photographer for a long time =) He's a very nice person. Tomorrow, he'll be taking a few outside photos near the Victoria, and then afterwards, I'll get to see the pictures he took yesterday. ^^

I'm very worried because next weekend my parents and brother are leaving my grandparents home alone for several days to see me off when I go to Mass. My grandfather's memory has really deteriorated, and we're going to try to take precautions to ensure they are both okay, but we can't prevent everything. For one, I think we should definitely remove a certain chair from the house...*sigh* almost every day he tries to sit down in it, and I have to yell at him. What would happen if he ended up on the floor again and only my grandmother was there to help him? Even *I* couldn't do much about it when I was there ;_;...And they are always leaving the phone off the hook, so when we call them the line is busy. Maybe we can leave one of our cell phones plugged in by their bed so we can use that to reach them in case. And the TV...the cable box confuses them constantly and we have to fix it from them. Maybe we can take out the cable box?? sure there will be less channels, but atleast it will be harder to mess it up. Well, there are just too many things that could happen. We'll have to find some close friends to use as contacts in case of an emergency.

hrm...My entire family (even some of my exteneded family) has been obsessing over something lately...that, well....I know they are right about, but for some reason, I don't feel right supporting it. I can't help but feel the whole situation is partially my fault, but all of them are so certain that it was caused by something else. They are so ready to fight for me, and yet, I'm a little bit against it? ahh, I don't even understand why I'm against it. The whole thing is just...I don't know, I feel sick just thinking about it. =_=
I could have done more to prevent it, but I didn't. *sigh*
and it's the only thing they've talked about for about two weeks. I know it's a big deal, but..
oh well, we will just have to see what comes out of it. I hope they are right and that I'm wrong to feel this way.


WOW...that was REALLY vague. But I'm not at liberty to discuss it in more detail =x lol

I'm off to work on summer reading some more! I need to read 5 books in the next week and a half. No more procrastinating for me! I've only read 2 so far ^^;
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