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Do you miss me Miss Misery, Like you say you do?

heh, it suddenly hit me today... how much I'm going to miss my family and friends o.o I will still be on the internet every once in a while perhaps.
8 weeks really isn't so long right? I guess I'm just not used to it.
It's only a couple days away though.

In the eloquently beautiful words of my dear brother *ahem*,
"I'm going to miss your annoying voice!"

and so, I'm going to miss his annoying voice too! *tear*

so, before I go, I figured I might as well put this in here as well ~.^

1. Reply and I'll write something about you.
2. I will then tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I will say something that only makes sense to you and me.
4. I will tell you my favorite memory of you.
5. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
6. Then post this in your own journal...

AH so overwhelmed with things to do. I'm on my 6th book for summer reading! must finish these last two before saturday, and packpackpackpack!

it makes me sad, i've basically been locked away in my room reading and reading these last couple of days, yet i really should be spending time with my family and friends before I leave! *sigh*
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do me do me!

(good luck mata. i hope you have lots of fun and great experiences/memories!)
thank you, mo =)
1. Mo is an *extremely* talented artist (her drawings are absolutely amazing o.o) and a wonderful writer. She is very intelligent, maintains an open mind on issues, and uses her unique insights to offer wise advice to friends.
2. Song: anything by the Dresden Dolls! Movie: A Clockwork Orange hehe ^^
3. hmm *ponders* well, the closest thing I can think of: discussing flcl over ice cream! ^^
4. definitely the anime club meetings! such good times, I quite miss them. We should start that up again soon, eh? =)
5. a bunny! it's kind of a random association (my mind tends to do that)...but when I first received Squee from someone who told me it was from you, I opened to the first page (having now clue what it was)and it just happened to be the filler bunny. Needless to say, I absolutely *loved* it! so for some strange reason, now when I think of you, I think of squee and the filler bunny o.o
hee. i loved that.
it made me feel less lonely (practically home alone).
i never ever had thought of pinapple and pistachio icecream together...nor, do i think, had i ever had either...but that's besides the point.
anime club revival all the way!
(it's ok if you can't come up with some.)
Aww, Elliott Smith! Yay! I hope you have a wonderful time. I guarantee you'll learn a lot *outside* the classroom as well...meeting new people and whatnot, so get excited. Much love!!

Oh, and Dave said last night that he emailed you, but I wasn't sure if he was kidding or not...???
wow, I just realized I completely messed up when I typed Elliott Smith's name last night o.o I must have been asleep *cough* but yes, I am quite excited!
hmm Dave? I...don't think I received an email hehe.

1. Jenny has an amazing ability to make everyone around her smile. Her open and warm personality allows her to befriend everyone she meets (and anyone who meets her is indeed lucky). She is an extremely fun person to be around, and she also always knows what to say when you are feeling down. She also has a *beautiful* singing voice.
2. Song: anything by Coldplay; Movie: hmmm maybe monty python? lol
3. the Greek Mafia!!
4. ah that's hard ^^ all of them are good memories. let's see, perhaps the fun talks during break =) or going to the movies!
5. a beautiful songbird...a canary!
Awww! How sweet!! And I def. should've known he was joking...he just mentioned something about you because he saw a comment you posted on my LJ and liked your icon. And yes, it turns out what I watched *was* Evangelion...lol..."Fly Me to the Moon"...

Deleted comment

1. Richard is an incredibly intelligent and witty person; his many stories, jokes, and comments are always great to hear and can make any dull/boring day interesting and humorous. He has amazing verbal skills, and of course, he is never afraid to voice his opinion in any matter. =p Oh yes, and because of his good taste in hair styles and his wonderful working skills, my grandmother esteems him very highly as well.
2. song: hmm perhaps, something Green Day? or Yoko Kanno! (Bebop); movie: The Shawshank Redemption
3. claranon/clarinets anonymous!
4. debate tournaments!: especially riding in your car and listening to some good music. and of course of course, the anime club!! ^^
5. a bear!
haha a bear!
Mata... I'm so sorry that I haven't called you... *feels extremely horrible* I hope that I can catch you before you leave... =(

*major huggle* ;_;

hheeeyyy ^^


July 3 2005, 08:59:32 UTC 12 years ago

mmeee lol its me Kiari/avengersister/krystiana and umm yeah XD i wuv ur site soo coolie the music its so beautiful i wuv it
hey! this is courtney. just wanted you to know there's a scene lj where we writers communicate with each other. please add us!